House In Seoul
Residential and commercial properties services
Maintenence of residential and commercial properties
   and safety inspection services
Rental services Korea's renting system is
   chunsae (a refundable large deposit) and
   wolsae (monthly payments)
Relocation consultation
Outsourcing of the relocation department functions
Destination services
International relocation coordination services
Group moves (packing, shipping and management)
Spouse assistance
Child and elder care services
Cost of living comparisons
Expense consultation
Moving and interior decoration services
Introduction house maids and baby sitters
Insurance, phone, newspaper, water, internet and cable TV
Utilities payment, translation and third-party problem solving
Applying for alien registration cards
Registration for a residential address at local district office
school enrollment for children
Getting a driver's license
Opening a bank account

At KRK Realty we offer a wide variety of services throughout
your stay in Korea.

Before You Arrive :
Home Search - we can search for a home, based on your needs,
so when you arrive,we can set up a tour
Arrange Hotel - as you may need to stay temporarily in a hotel,
we can arrange this accommodation
Foreign School - for families with children, we can assist
in finding the right school for them
When You Arrive :
Property Tour - at your convenience,
we will take you on a tour of the selected properties.
We will also pick you up from your hotel and drop you off afterwards.
During Your Stay :